Our Story

What does Kawi mean?

Kawi (käwē) means planet earth from the Tarahumara tribe in northern Mexico. Kawi Foods is dedicated to providing wholesome products out of natural ingredients.

Kawi Foods was born from a mother's love to provide for her family. Cristina has always had a passion for creating delicious meals which inadvertently lead to the creation of Kawi's first product: NutraKik®. Friends & family raved over her meals which were typically brought to life with blend of herbs and spices. In 2016, she teamed up with her children, Sofia & Rodrigo to bring Kawi Foods to life. From creating soups & seasonings, they rounded out their products with dressings and teas. Our goal is to bring deliciously bold flavors without compromising on quality of ingredients. We hope you love our products as much as we do and create equally amazing recipes as Cristina has always provided.